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Entering the job market: matching graduate and employer expectations

After years of hard study, some graduates find the reality of work disappointing. Here’s how to manage your expectations… Read More  

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Heading into your first job? Get off to a flying start

Starting your first job is daunting. Here are some tips to ensure you don’t blunder your way through those initial weeks… Read More

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Why a job at a small firm is worth it

School for Startups founder Doug Richard says the benefits of joining a young company are so many, new businesses should be turning applicants away… Read More

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How to conduct an Information Interview when job hunting

Blog article from the University of Warwick about how the information interview is a pretty powerful weapon in your job search. Executed properly and professionally, an informational interview can provide a rich seam of insider information, and future contacts that … Continue reading

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Professional Bodies: what they offer students and graduates in terms of careers and job support

Professional institutions are much more than a source of ‘letters after your name’. They can help you in your career both before and after you graduate. Professional institutions are the societies and associations that promote and further a career and … Continue reading

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Don’t overlook volunteering as a valuable career tool

Blog article about the importance of volunteering during your studies to help build relationships and your experience which will help you ultimately to find a job after graduation… Read More Further resources to help with finding volunteering opportunities can be … Continue reading

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