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Great you’ve got the interview! Will you be interviewed by a panel? Need some ‘top tips’ on how to face more than one interviewer?

Being interviewed by a panel is common place with many employers. It can be part of a graduate assessment centre but it can also be a standard method for a variety of professions ranging from the public sector to corporate … Continue reading

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How to prepare for a phone interview

Phone interviews are becoming an increasingly common recruitment practice as they represent a great way of saving time (and expense) for both the applicant and the hiring company. They provide a useful opportunity to identify the potentially compatible candidates, and … Continue reading

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Questions to ask during your interview

It is easy to become so focused on answering questions during an interview that you forget that you can and should use this opportunity to ask questions too. An interview needs to be an active conversation between you and your … Continue reading

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Discover the blueprint for a great graduate video interview

Video interviews are now a common part of many employers graduate recruitment process. So what are the best practices and top tips you should adopt to get the most from your video interview? Tazio has over 6 years experience creating … Continue reading

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If the shoe fits: how to dress for interviews and the workplace

The following article has been written by Susanna Quirke who writes for Inspiring Interns, a graduate recruitment firm which specialises in sourcing candidates for internships and giving out graduate careers advice.  Don’t know the difference between black shoes and brown? You’d … Continue reading

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Five steps to dressing to impress for a Job Interview

Whether you are interviewing for a top level executive job or as an entry level graduate, the clothes you wear and how you present yourself are the biggest first impression you can make. Not only will mastering the art of … Continue reading

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Five things you should never do at a job interview

Nerves can make us do the strangest things. Improve your career chances by avoiding these pitfalls from Management Today. Read More

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