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How to prove your leadership skills to employers for team management positions

Graduates are often hired as trainee managers and need to be capable of leading and taking responsibility in order to get the best from their teams… Read More Advertisements

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How to big up your leadership experience on your graduate management CV

You want a graduate job in a managerial role. You’re convinced you’ve got what it takes to be a great leader. You’ve only got one problem – how do you persuade the graduate recruiter reading your CV? TargetJobs explains more… … Continue reading

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Nine ways to use language skills to get a job and boost your career

Unsure of where your language skills may lead? From choosing the right degree to making your CV stand out, experts at a recent Guardian Careers Live Chat share their advice… Read More

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What Employers Want – Recent Research by ‘Give a Grad a Go’

Recent research (2014)  published by ‘Give a Grad a Go’, called ‘SMEs and Graduates: A match made in Recruitment Heaven’  provides an interesting insight into the qualities employers look for in their graduate hires. Some of the key findings include: … Continue reading

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What is employability and how employable are you?

Article from about exactly what is meant by the term ’employability’ and the key skills/attributes that contribute towards it…. Read More    

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