w/c 26th February 2018 – Round-up of the latest job vacancies, news, advice & opportunities


BU Careers & Employability Service, The Careers Centre

(outside the Sir Michael Cobham Library, Talbot Campus)

Open 8.45am – 4.30pm – Monday – Friday

Tel: 01202 961663

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This weeks:

  • 121 Advice & Guidance Availability
  • Events on Campus
  • BU Opportunities to develop the CV
  • Latest Job Vacancies
  • Recommended Careers Resources – Print & Online
  • External Events & Opportunities


121 Advice & Guidance Availability

 Careers Drop In Advice (available in the Careers Centre, outside the library)

  • Monday 26th February from 1.30pm ~ 3.30pm
  • Tuesday 27th February from 2pm ~ 4pm
  • Wednesday 28th February from 10am ~ 12 Noon
  • Thursday 1st March from 10am ~ 12 Noon
  • Friday 2nd March from 1.30pm ~ 3.30pm


Global Talent Programme Drop In Advice

  • Tuesday 27th February from 1pm ~ 3pm (Global Mobility Hub ~ next to student shop)
  • Thursday 1st March  from 1pm ~ 3pm (Careers Centre, outside the library)


Study and Work Abroad Drop In Advice

  • Monday 26th February from 1pm ~ 5pm (Global Mobility Hub ~ next to student shop)
  • Wednesday 28th February from 1pm ~ 5pm (Global Mobility Hub ~ next to student shop)

Bookable Appointments


Events on Campus

This Week

* Note this is the first week of this conversation club but you can join the following week ~ please book for this event via the link above.


BU Opportunity of the Week 



Are you looking for a job on campus? Why not apply to be a Green Champion Resident Assistant? 

As a current student returning to continue your studies, this paid opportunity will provide you with the chance to develop personal and professional skills, including: interpersonal skills, problem-solving, event planning and team building.

To find out more and apply click here


Latest Job Vacancies of the Week









Recommended Careers Resources of the Week




This practical manual for job hunters has contents on:

  • Sixteen tips about interviewing for a job
  • The six secrets to salary negotiation
  • What to do when your job-hunt just isn’t working

Plus lots more

Available from the Careers Centre (outside the library) plus many more!





CV Builder Tool

Are you looking to create a new CV or maybe review the one you are using? Why not try out this online CV Builder and create an expert CV based on employer requirements.

You can:

  • Watch a quick start video
  • Work through each stage, listening to advice from employers
  • Pick your own template


External Opportunities & Events 


Plus many more external opportunities can be found here

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