Want to Study, Work or Volunteer Abroad and expand your Employability Skills while studying at BU


Employers are increasingly looking for graduates who have had a global experience and can therefore demonstrate a level of not just commercial but also intercultural awareness. It is an opportunity to add to your CV, stand out from the crowd and enhance your networking skills. Here at BU there are various opportunities open to you;

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity to experience a new country and culture while continuing your degree. There are various options for studying in the EU under the Erasmus+ Student Mobility Programme, as well as for travelling further afield to one of our partner institutions in Asia or North America.

All of our study exchanges are faculty and, in some cases, course-specific, ensuring that you have suitable choices to match your academic pathway and receive credits for your study.

To find out more including who the International Exchange Partners are for each Faculty click here.

If you go on a study exchange within the EU, Erasmus+ funding could help you meet some of the costs of studying overseas. To find out more about the funding options click here.

Work Overseas

Working abroad is a fantastic opportunity to combine professional development and cultural immersion, so many students choose this option for their placement year. Having a year’s worth of industry experience by graduation is good, but having a year’s worth of industry experience abroad is even better! Companies and organisations also benefit from hiring a foreign intern due to the fresh outlook and work ethic they bring in, so securing a placement abroad may be easier than you think. To find out more click here.

Other International Opportunities

There are plenty of ways to have international experiences and gain intercultural competencies that don’t involve a formal academic or professional commitment. You are welcome to organise your own activity that allows you to travel overseas. To read more click here.

Need more help

You can talk to a member of the Global Engagement Mobility Team in our weekly drop-in session at The Edge: Wednesdays 1-5pm. Check MyCareerHub for confirmation and updates.

If you require an appointment or further advice you can email the Global Engagement Mobility Officer or call 01202 965824.

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