Want to get work experience to add to your CV while studying at BU? Why not become a Student Ambassador?


Did you know that there are a number of opportunities to work whilst you’re studying here at BU with flexible paid roles across the university. To find out more about being a student ambassador this article will explain more.

Here are some additional benefits of being a BU Student Ambassador to consider;

  • It will look good on your CV and employers are always looking for applicants with skills such as: communication, ability to work as part of a team, reliability and using your own initiative.


  • It’s on your door step and you can possibly walk to work! Previous Student Ambassador jobs have been based on both Lansdowne and Talbot Campus in departments such as; IT, Marketing & Communications, Library Services and AskBU.


  • It’s an opportunity to be an ambassador for BU and to promote the benefits of studying here. If you are offered a role on one of the many Open Days that BU run then you will play a key part in inspiring prospective students to study at BU. This is also a chance to engage with a range of people outside of BU which could help to improve your confidence and networking skills.


  • Future students also want to know about non academic ‘life’ here on campus and there’s nothing better than hearing from the perspective of those students that are already studying here. Things such as; what is the accommodation like, what clubs, societies and networking opportunities are there, the cost of living and just maybe the nightlife!

To find out what Student Ambassador roles are currently available click here

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