Why not use your Easter vacation to start networking to get work experience for the summer and add it to your CV?

Many of you will go home over Easter or visit friends & family – it’s time to use those networks to help you.  The people you know could be key to your networking, where do they work, who do they know, who are their neighbours, friends etc?

Why not meet up with them, over a cuppa, and say that you are looking to get some experience over the summer.

Make sure that you are prepared though as they will want to know:

  • What are you looking to do? Do you want to make contact with a particular company?
  • Are there certain skills or knowledge that you want to gain?
  • Are you looking for paid work or would you consider volunteering, maybe for a charity?
  • Why not ask if you could ‘shadow’ someone at work?
  • When would you be available ~ have a clear idea about how many hours you would like to work and on what days, we know you will want to revise for those exams as well!!

Remember you are asking for help so it may not pay to be too ‘picky’ or turn down opportunities that you don’t think are ideal. Just have a conversation, remember a lot of skills are ‘transferable’ and you can reflect on the fact that you have used your time wisely during your vacation! Just think of the skills that you can add to your CV?

So why not go out and about this Easter to try and secure that Summer job, polish off your CV and have a list of family, friends or local businesses that you are going to approach.

There are also some really useful resources on vacation work in the UK on MyCareerHub and here is the link.

P.S. Don’t forget that when you come back to campus why not make an appointment to see a careers advisor and discuss  work experience opportunities. You can also get advice on how to highlight those transferable skills.


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