Here are five ways that travelling can enhance your career options and develop more skills.

1. Get an internship or holiday job

While you are abroad why not get some work experience, even if this is only for a few weeks, the skills and experience gained will be invaluable.  You can add this to your CV and you may identify new skills and it will show prospective employers that you have been keen to engage with a range of opportunities.

2. Keep a travel blog

You will develop your writing skills and gain experience of using a content management system. The skills required to maintain a Blog and using your creativity are highly sought after by employers especially if you are looking for a job in journalism or anything editorial. You will also develop transferable skills for a range of careers such as marketing, PR, research and many more.

3. Add another language to your skills base

With many small to medium employers trying to reach an international audience, speaking a second language is very appealing to employers. At BU we know just how significant language skills can be, so if you want to learn a new language we can help you. Find out more here

4. Learn a new skill

They don’t have to be academic skills but travelling can be a great opportunity to pick up a new skill or develop others. For example a temporary job on the reception desk at a surf school can develop your communication and customer service skills as well as potentially working in a team and dealing with challenging situations such as complaints from customers! These are all ‘transferable skills’ and a careers advisor can help you to highlight these on your CV in a way that identifies them to potential employers.

5. Evaluate your experiences

Think about the skills that you have used while travelling abroad and make sure that you add them to your CV ~ you may be surprised!

  • Money ~ budgeting and converting currency.
  • Where to go ~ planning and research.
  • Travelling alone ~ being independent and confidence building.
  • Different cultures ~ adaptability and diversity.

Here are some further links that may be of interest to you:

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