Calling all BU Students – Want to stand out in the Graduate Jobs Market? Bright Futures Needs You!


Blog article written by Katie Monaghan from MyKindaFuture…..

I’m sure most of you would agree us students have a lot of juggling to do on a day-to-day basis, and being a student can actually be a real struggle sometimes (especially waking up for a 9am lecture). We have to meet deadlines, revise for exams, maintain some kind of social life and try to survive the week off pasta. And to add to this, we have a highly competitive working environment where essentially we are competing against our course mates and other universities for placements, internships and grad jobs.

More and more employers are looking for students who are not only interested in their academic studies but have that something extra too. I am currently on my placement with a company called MyKindaFuture and will be going back for my final year at BU next year (SCARY!)

For now, my role is a University Relations Manager which involves advising and supporting student led societies called Bright Futures. From Exeter to Scotland you can find Bright Futures societies in over 50 universities all over the UK. We no longer have a Bright futures society at BU, however this year I would like BU students to kick-off this committee again. We want career focused motivated students to get involved in running their own Bright Futures committee. This is a great opportunity and will really get you those extra brownie points!

What is Bright Futures?

  • We are a network of over 50 student led employability societies in universities across the UK. Supported and connected by a National Team, each society runs their own interactive and fun events for students on their campus to connect with and learn from leading employers.
  • Each society is made up of a small team of students who work with great employers to run career focused events. There are a range of roles available in each committee, such as President, Event Manager and Marketing officer (but ultimately everyone works together.)
  • Your committee are in control of deciding what type of events you would like to run, how often and with which employers (for example, you might want to run a Mock Assessment workshop with BP to learn more about assessment centres.)

The benefits

  • Having the chance to run a Bright Futures society of your own at BU.
  • Wide range of innovation, informative and often unique training and networking events.
  • Boost employability skills.
  • Accessibility to 21 of our employer contacts.
  • 60% of our Bright Futures committee members had a job before the end of their final year.
  • Personalised support to help you find and secure that great internship and / or graduate position.
  • Looks fantastic on your CV/Applications.

Running your own Bright Futures society would be a great step towards making you stand out in the grad market. So, if you are interested in getting involved in the society, go to the website at & email me at

I look forward to hearing from you!

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