More than 1.7m new jobs for tech specialists in the next decade


Article from Tech Partnership

Tech Partnership analysis of ONS data, released this week, paints a detailed picture of the current tech workforce.

While its forecasts, carried out with global information services company Experian, offer a strongly positive vision of future growth.


  • Tech specialists tend to be highly educated – 57% of tech specialists have a degree – and well paid. At £850 / week, their mean earnings are 41% higher than the UK norm.
  • Only 16% of tech specialists are women – a figure that falls to only 1 in 10 for Programmers and Software Development Professionals.
  • Tech specialists are more likely than the average worker to be aged 35-44 – a third fall into this group, against 22% of the working population.
  • Tech specialists are more likely to be working in London and the South East – 43% of tech specialists work in this corner of the UK, against 29% of all workers.

Looking forward, the Tech Partnership predicts nearly 28% growth over the 2015-2025 period, substantially outstripping the expected growth for the workforce as a whole – with more than 1.7m new jobs for tech specialists in the next decade.

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