What Employers Want – Recent Research by ‘Give a Grad a Go’


Recent research (2014)  published by ‘Give a Grad a Go’, called ‘SMEs and Graduates: A match made in Recruitment Heaven’  provides an interesting insight into the qualities employers look for in their graduate hires.

Some of the key findings include:

  • 79% of employers believe that paid work experience makes for a more appealing candidate
  • 74% of employers rank ‘Communication’ as the most important skill in their new graduate hires
  • 73% of employers expect a graduate to know ‘a little’ about the industry prior to starting work
  • 72% of employers considered ‘Attitude’ to be important
  • 65% of employers think its important to have between 1-12 months’ work experience under their belt before starting their first job
  • 42% of employers think subject studied is the most important factor of a graduate’s university education
  • 33% of employers rate ‘Sport’ as the extracurricular activity most impressive closely followed by blogging, volunteering and charity work
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