Interested in Postgraduate Study? Find out about HEFCE Masters bursaries

In the past few weeks HEFCE have made the announcement that they will be making a total of £50 million of funding available for students on taught postgraduate Masters courses at universities across England, for study commencing in the 2015/16 academic year.


Being a new scheme, we know how beneficial this will be for students, but also that students are likely to have lots of questions about how this scheme works; such as eligibility, how to apply and which institutions and courses they can apply for, to name just a few.


To help answer students questions about the PSS, we have produced an online student guide to the HEFCE bursaries, with FAQ’s, which can be found here:


We believe this guide is really useful for prospective Masters students, and will allow students to make the most of this opportunity to receive one of 10,000 x £10,000 bursaries.


In addition to this guide, we have a pre-fair Masters talk at our Postgraduate Study Fair, Birmingham next Wednesday (28.01.2015). This talk entitled “The 2015 Postgraduate Support Scheme explained and all you need to know about the value of Masters study” is a great chance for students to find out more about these bursaries, and to hear from students who were part of the PSS pilot scheme in 2014. Further information about this talk, and others, can be found here:


We would really appreciate it if you could pass on this information to your students, and point them in the direction of our HEFCE online guide and make students aware of the Masters talk taking place next week.

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