Camp Counsellor Opportunities in European Sports, Adventure & Language Camps

Camp Europe  have about 150 spots available for Camp Counsellors/Language Coaches/ Adventure Guides in their European Summer Camps located in Germany, Spain and Ireland.

Travel through Europe, learn a new language, become an international role
model, make a lot of friends from all over the globe, and have the time of your

Camp Europe is the best connection between native English speaking students
and English-based summer camps all throughout Europe. Perform an internship
where you’ll get the opportunity to offer your knowledge, play around, share
your skills and abilities, and have a life-changing experience!

What is Camp Europe?

Camp Europe is an International Internship Placement
Partner (IIPP) that provides the opportunity to combine work
& travel throughout Europe.

An experience of a lifetime

In a fairly short period of time, you will discover an infinite
amount of great things – immersing yourself into a different
culture and language, meeting people of your age from a
wide variety of countries, and sharing your motivation and
passion towards educating children in a recreational, safe
and fun environment.

To find out more visit

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