Teacher training bursaries for 2015 now available!

The NCTL have announced details of the teacher training bursaries which will be available to trainees beginning their training in autumn 2015:-


Eligibility Physics Maths Chemistry/Computing Languages Biology Primary Mathsspecialism Geography/D&T Music English,history,RE & primary
Scholarship* £25000 £25000 £25000
1st or PhD £25000 £25000 £25000 £25000 £15000 £12000 £12000 £9000 £9000
2:1 or Masters £25000 £20000 £20000 £20000 £12000 £12000 £9000 £4000 £4000
2:2 £15000 £15000 £15000 £15000 £10000 £12000 £4000 £4000 0
Other** £9000 £9000 0 0 0 £9000 0 0 0


*Trainees in maths,  physics, chemistry and computing with a 2:2 or above can apply for a scholarship as an alternative to the bursary

**Trainees in maths, physics and on primary maths courses, with a relevant degree and at least a B in A level maths or physics are eligible

  • The discretionary bursary uplift has been withdrawn – eligibility will be strictly on the basis of degree classification .
  • There will no longer be a bursary uplift payable in relation to the level of free school meals in a school where school direct trainees are training. All school direct trainees will receive the standard applicable bursary amount regardless of location of trainee
  • The bursary level awarded is dependent on the subject in which a trainee wishes to teach and the grade of their highest academic qualification, not the subject of their academic qualification.

Further detailed information is available here https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/training-bursary-guide-academic-year-2015-to-2016


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