Job site ‘Indeed’ launches ‘How the World Works’ campaign for jobseekers

Job site has today launched its global brand campaign ‘How the World Works’.

The campaign is designed to increase brand visibility among jobseekers and employers, and celebrates the importance of every job.

The creative elements within the campaign tell the story of how a mixture of jobs combine to make something work – from a simple cup of coffee, to the workings of the London Underground or the global stock market.

The campaign centres around a television commercial, available to view through the website, which gives the message that no matter what job a person has, he or she is part of a team and is contributing to a wider initiative.

To source talent for the commercial, Indeed posted 26 job openings on its website – from accountant, to nurse, to mechanical engineer, to IT consultant. Within 48 hours, a total of 1,500 applications were received for the roles.

Indeed then conducted more than 200 interviews in just 14 days resulting in a total cost per hire of £129.

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