Hints and tips on how to research a company from its corporate website

Whether you are doing some research to decide on the sort of company you would like to work for or if you are preparing for an interview and want to arm yourself with as much information as possible about that company, including its values and strategy, should you be asked at interview ‘So what do you know about us?’, then being able to analyse the company website effectively including looking at it in its entirety and searching for information below the surface is key.

As well as the content itself, the design can provide hints on how the company sees itself. Other clues can come from identifying site ownership and also related or sister sites.  A clue to company strategy can come from an examination of how the site has changed over time and how how the company sees itself in the web environment.

Other clues to look out for are hidden links – links to other webpages that are masked or hidden in some way via a single pixel image etc.

Also have a look to see if where are any powerpoint presentations or Microsoft Word documents on the website. Sometimes these have embedded Excel files which contain a lot more information than intended.

In summary: there is a lot more that can be found on corporate websites other than just the text and sales patter. Knowing where and how to look is the first step.




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