The BU Student Development Award – stand out from the crowd!

The BU Student Development Award supports students from all levels and all Schools in developing a range of employability skills that enable them to demonstrate workplace experience to potential employers.

Now in its 4th year, the Award recognises achievement in over 100 extra-curricular activities including volunteering, ambassador and mentoring roles, languages, additional qualifications, media skills, music, sport and part-time employment.

These opportunities empower students to develop skills that are essential to becoming successful throughout their career, encouraging life-wide learning and reflection with the added bonus of creating an e-portfolio to make them stand out from the crowd.

While involving themselves in a range of chosen activities, students build confidence in crucial attributes including collaborative working, critical thinking, problem-solving, risk-taking and many more skills that employers value in graduates.

In our students’ own words:-

“This is fantastic – I’ve really enjoyed helping others to develop their skills and it’s helped me to achieve this success”

“I’m so pleased – I’ve worked very hard and I’m so proud to have achieved this”

The process of reflection and gathering of evidence into an e-portfolio, embeds the development in preparation for applications and interviews as well as on-going confidence to progress towards future career goals.

Find out more about the BU Student Development Award and see samples of students’ e-portfolios

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