The five best businesses to start at University

The best startup companies are created from a passion for your business. Many startups stem from the skills of their founders who took the brave step to try and turn their hobbies or talents into their future. If you are doubtful that your startup will take off, you only have to look to Microsoft and Apple for inspiration: they, like all startups, began as struggling, fledgling companies and now are among the super-giants of the business world.

If you think your idea is ridiculous and could never be ‘the next big thing,’ then think again. Who would have thought that a website that lets you compare and rate people’s faces would evolve into the largest social networking site in the world: Facebook?

All it takes is an idea and some determination to start your own business and university is the perfect place to launch it.  You have a huge network of friends and contacts, access to experts and technology and the time to develop and try out ideas. Here are some of the best businesses to start as a student.

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