Want to find out more about careers and jobs in IT? Discover your Dream Job with BigAmbition!

Inspire young people to find their Dream Job with BigAmbition

e-skills UK‘s digital careers website, BigAmbition, has launched a brand new feature, Dream Job, to help 14-19 year-olds identify their skills and match them to a suitable IT career.

The fun, free-to-access quiz will help young people find out where their skills could lead them and discover their dream job.

Dream Job is the latest feature on the BigAmbition website which covers all aspects of working in IT in a fun, interactive way. Students, teachers and advisers can get a real insight into the opportunities available with tech careers in a variety of companies, including retail, travel and media.

Visitors can:

  • discover the perfect IT job using interactive games and quizzes
  • hear about life as an IT professional by watching any of over 75 video interviews
  • find out about potential employers through company-profile videos featuring big names like Microsoft, BBC and BT, alongside small entrepreneurial businesses
  • watch videos on individual role profiles from a range of professionals within the IT Industry
  • learn about current technology career trends through news articles
  • enter competitions that give entrants the chance to win valuable prizes.

Access our Dream Job game now and try it out for yourself, or pass it on for someone to try.


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