A guide to breaking into London as a Graduate

So, you’re a soon-to-be graduate. With your whole life ahead of you this is a pretty exciting position to be in. If, like many, you’ve been considering a move to the Big Smoke then you’re in the right place. With the Capital playing host to endless possibilities, it’s natural that as a young, educated and ambitious individual you will want to embrace these opportunities with open arms. That’s where we come in. We’re here to give you a helping hand to take London by storm…or at least get the foundations in place to do so. Once you’re in and settled you can really do some damage.

First things first: your career. If you’re anything like I was (and surprisingly many others) the career path discussion will fill you with an overwhelming bout of panic. Fear not. It’s normal to be unsure of the path you wish to follow, and in fact it’s quite rare to come across graduates that know exactly what they want. Not only that, you’re faced with the sorry state of today’s job market and extreme competition from other grads fighting for the best opportunities. Internships are a great way to combat these problems. They give you the opportunity to try different sectors, provide you with invaluable work experience that employers are so desperate to see, and if all goes well, can be your direct line into full-time employment. We at Inspiring Interns specialise in finding candidates the best internships in London across a range of exciting industries.

Once you’ve bagged yourself an internship, the next thing to tackle is finding yourself somewhere to live. Depending on where you’re based you may have the option of commuting from home and with a reported 3 million young adults still living with their parents, you wouldn’t be alone in this. But if, understandably, you’re desperate to experience the buzz of London then we suggest making the most of your connections. Call up your nearest and dearest, your old mates from school, the ones that have already got themselves sorted, the ones with friendly brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles. After all, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Whether you kip on their sofa for free or offer to contribute to the utility bills, you’d be surprised how much people are willing to help if you just ask. You’ll never know until you try, you may even hit the jackpot and end up with a fluffy pillow and a mattress!

It is likely that once you’ve wowed your employer, they’ve offered you a full-time role and you start earning an lovely income that you’ll be looking to rent a place of your own.  Chances are that by then you’ll have sussed out which is the area for you, and may even have a couple of mates wanting to rent as well. It’s also likely that most of you will have had some experience at university dealing with the big bad property wolves so we suggest checking out websites such as Gumtree and Spareroom allowing you to search for properties to rent without the hassle of estate agents and their extortionate fees. On top of this, speaking to people you know and spreading the word (of what you’re looking for) through the grapevine of social media is a great way of finding out about housing opportunities.

Once you’ve got all the above in the bag, enjoy! London is a ball pit of fun opportunities; from the immense nightlife culture, to exploring the different districts and their markets, you’ll never be short of something weird and wonderful to do. Take a peek at our blog for regular suggestions of different things to do in London without breaking the bank!

This article was provided by Inspiring Interns.  Inspiring has found 2,500 graduates internships in London and throughout the UK to date. 66% of interns placed earn themselves a permanent job with their host company.

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