Preparation is key to success – research before an Interview / Assessment

You do all the hardwork from drafting a good CV, cover-letter to balancing your time in-between applying for jobs and attending University. Then comes the grand finale with you being invited to the interview or the assessment centre. Everybody around you will tell you a good percentage of being successful at the interview stage is to have done the background research well. But how exactly and what do you have to do to know the company well?

Quite often it can be a forgiven thinking that you don’t need to know much about the company, after all you haven’t worked there before? Unfortunately that is not the case. As the saying goes, if you fail to prepare you prepare to fail.

As a graduate and an intern myself, I understand how difficult it is to do the background research on companies and it is very easy to get drifted from one topic or news to another. Now, since I have done OK for myself, I thought it’s good to share with you some good tips on a successful background research for an interview…

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