Key skills for success for aspiring Barristers – youtube careers talks now available!

The TARGET jobs National Pupillage Fair at Lincoln’s Inn on Saturday 3 March was another great success with over 1,000 aspiring barristers attending this year’s event. The talks programme – a series of presentations by barristers practising in seven different areas of law about why they chose that area of law and their top tips for gaining pupillage – was as popular as ever.

This year an exciting new initiative was introduced to allow more people to hear the advice offered by the barristers (‘have nerves of steel’, ‘get advocacy experience with the Free Representation Unit’ and ‘employment law is a good area of law if you like swearing!’) by videoing the talks and putting them on a you tube channel. Each video gives a fascinating insight into the different areas of practice and top tips for applicants who want to stand out from the crowd. The ‘Financing your career at the Bar’ video is also full of useful advice for would-be barristers who are put off by the cost of training.

You can see all eight youtube clips here

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