Get global graduate skills for a high-flying career

Going on holiday could help you get a job, according to a recent report. If you can arrange an international work experience placement, so much the better – but even soaking up the atmosphere of a sunny overseas market place, negotiating a purchase and moving on to some sightseeing could help you develop the global graduate skills top multinational companies look for.

UK students who want to develop their global graduate skills and increase their chances of getting a place on a top graduate training scheme are advised to seek out rich life experiences and gain exposure to different cultures and societies, for example by living abroad. That’s the message that emerges from recent research carried out with leading employers, higher education providers and representatives of government.

The report, Global Graduates into Global Leaders, explains that multinational employers seek to recruit graduates who have the skills and competencies to work effectively in a global marketplace. UK students may miss out if they don’t gain experience of working with people from a range of international backgrounds, or of travelling and living overseas and immersing themselves in other cultures…

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